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Forex ezine

# Forex Trading - Longer Term Trading

[Finance:Currency-Trading] Previously I had been discussing short-term trading, specifically off the 5-minute chart. This is good if you are just after a few pips a day and are prepared to sit at the computer for a few hours, with total concentration and focus.

# Forex Trading - My Day Trading Thoughts

[Finance:Currency-Trading] I will cover the short term trading first up. Most would call this Day Trading. The following is just my set up and thoughts on how I trade. So please don't take this as gospel. Have a look at the set up if you wish, and see if you can use it or even modify it to suit your needs.

# Forex Trading - Time to Trade

[Finance:Currency-Trading] Okay time to get into the trading. To date, I have explained what Forex is all about so you should have a pretty good idea on the basics. It is now a matter of getting your hands dirty by actually doing a bit of trading.

# Keeping a Forex Trading Journal Or Diary

[Finance:Currency-Trading] Before I get into the actual trading side of things, one thing I do want to mention is the use of a Trading Journal or Diary. This very important to me as it keeps a detailed record of not only my trading results, but also a heap of other useful information I can go back to later if required.

# Forex Trading - A Bit More on Psychology

[Finance:Currency-Trading] Just a couple of points I forgot to mention in my previous psychology article. Most traders start off in this business from, what most people would consider, a normal background. By this I mean that you would have a normal job where you are required to work 38, 40, 50 or whatever hours a week.

# Forex Trading - Trading Psychology

[Finance:Currency-Trading] Now here is a subject that you love to hate! Even though a lot of people will just gloss over this and think it is really not an issue in their trading, they couldn't be further from the truth.

# Forex Trading - How Many Pips is Enough?

[Finance:Currency-Trading] This is something that may get your attention, as you may be surprised on what little profit is actually required to make a success of Forex trading. Previously I have spoken about the average daily move of the major pairs like the EUR/USD and the GBP/USD, which is normally around the 80 - 120 pips mark. Remember this is not necessarily from the low to the high or vice versa, as the market may start and finish on the same price in that period.

# Forex Trading - Types of Orders

[Finance:Currency-Trading] Trading Forex and placing orders is very similar to other types of trading. Not much changes here. But I'll go over the more common order types for those that are new to trading.

# Forex Trading - Risk-Reward Ratio

[Finance:Currency-Trading] The risk:reward ratio is something that you may hear a fair bit about. Some will say that you should never trade with a risk:reward ratio of less than 1:1.15, or 1:2, or 1:3 etc. All it is doing, is comparing your risk to your reward. Here is an example to make it very easy to understand.

# Forex Trading - Technical Analysis

[Finance:Currency-Trading] Okay, I've pretty well covered Fundamental Trading (news events), so now it is time to get into the other common way of trading, and that is called Technical Trading. Most of this trading is done off the charts, hence the expression 'chartists' or 'technical analysis' etc.

# Forex Trading - Further Discussion About Risk

[Finance:Currency-Trading] Something else I forgot to mention with regards to risk. Seems to be never ending this subject, but as already stated, it is very important to understand risk fully and how it affects your trading. You don't want to blow up your account in one or two stupid trades.

# Forex Trading - A Little More Information on Risk

[Finance:Currency-Trading] Just a couple of points that I have not spoken about. First up is 'risk' and 'correlation'. I have discussed risk per trade where I suggest no more than 2-3% per trade. Again, it is up to the individual trader on much they risk.

# What News Or Information to Trade? Forex

[Finance:Currency-Trading] When it comes to trading, whether it be Forex, Stocks or Daffodils, most traders have a plan that they base their own particular trading method on. With Forex trading, the majority of small retail traders like you and I, would probably use some sort of technical analysis, which is basically trading off the charts, using whatever indicators, patterns or set ups you choose.

# Forex Trading - More Information on Risk

[Finance:Currency-Trading] I consider 'risk' to be a pretty important issue when it comes to Forex trading. Probably not so much of an issue if you are a longer time frame style trader, say the weekly or monthly charts, but if you are a day trader, then it certainly is an issue.

# How Do You Actually Trade Forex?

[Finance:Currency-Trading] Right, you now know what Forex is and where and when to trade it. But I guess you now want to know how to trade it. How do you buy and sell forex? It may seem a little confusing at first, but really, it is quite simple.

# Where Do We Trade Forex?

[Finance:Currency-Trading] Where do we trade? You will have to open an online brokerage account to enable you access that broker's trading platform. As I mentioned earlier, most brokers offer demo trading where you can practice trading without risking real money.

# Forex Pairs - What Do All the Numbers Mean?

[Finance:Currency-Trading] Now to the actual figures. In the example of the AUD / USD quoted at 0.7125 / 0.7128. The first figure of 0.7125 is called the 'bid' price. The 2nd figure of 0.7128 is the 'ask' price.

# Some Further Advantages of Forex Trading

[Finance:Currency-Trading] Just a couple more advantages of trading Forex. So we we need somewhere to trade. As stated earlier, this is all done online via the internet. The good thing about this, is that most brokers offer unlimited demonstration platforms where you can practice trading for as long as you like without risking any of your own money. This is brilliant if you want to try out different trading methods and ideas. Commonly referred to as 'demo trading'.

# What Do We Trade in the Forex Market?

[Finance:Currency-Trading] Let's get into it! What do we trade in the Forex market? There are several currency pairs that can be traded, but the majority of traders just stick with a group of about 8 to 10 pairs. That is more than enough choice...

# When is the Forex Market Open?

[Finance:Currency-Trading] Here I will discuss the trading times, and as you will see, there is ample time to trade Forex. As stated earlier, it is a market that is open longer than it is closed.

Forex ezine
# More Advantages With Regards to Trading Forex
[Finance:Currency-Trading] Because the Forex market is running continuously for 24hrs during the week, there is very little gapping, which can be a common problem with stock trading. For example you may have bought XYZ stock at $24.20 on Tuesday just before the market close with a stop loss set at $23.50 to protect you against any major losses. During the night, when the market is closed, there is a major announcement that affects the company trading as XYZ, and the market opens on Wednesday morning, with XYZ trading at $22.10. Not only has it gapped down $3.10 overnight, it has also opened $1.40 below your stop loss giving you a much bigger loss than you ever anticipated.

# World of Forex Trading - Welcome
[Finance:Currency-Trading] So you have heard about Forex Trading and you are now curious to check it out, but really don't know where to start. Well you have come to the right place.

Forex ezine

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